POFT 1309 N1 Administrative Office Procedures I

Student Learning Outcomes for the Course


Upon completion of this course the student will be able to demonstrate knowledge in


  1. The information age, the administrative professional’s role and responsibilities, the professional image, and ways to obtain professional growth.
  2. The complex issue of communication (verbal and nonverbal) and communication improvement.
  3. The uses of telephones, faxes, email, and the future of telecommunication improvement.
  4. Proper kind of ethics to use on and off the job.
  5. Types of procedures for stress reducers, anger and time management.
  6. The types of written messages-national and international, and ethical and legal considerations of written messages.
  7. The steps to procuring a successful job: letters of application, resume, employment application, the job interview and then succeeding on the job.


These objectives will be measured by completion of 16 Chapter Tests and a Final Exam.