POFT 2333 Advanced Keyboarding

Student Learning Outcomes for the Course


Upon completion of this course the student will be able to...


  1. Apply effective designs to a variety of complex documents.
  2. Organize content effectively with graphics.
  3. Improved document quality using review and collaboration tools.
  4. Design documents in administrative and specialized areas, including meeting, travel, news employment, legal, and medical documents.
  5. Prepare, share, and edit documents on SkyDrive.
  6. Produce error-free documents and apply language arts skills.
  7. Key 3' and 5' timed writings with accuracy and speed.
  8. Key straight copy at a minimum of 40 gross words a minute (gwam) with a maximum of 5 errors.


These objectives will be measured by completion of Daily Assignments, Supervised Timings, Practice Quizzes and Module Tests, Project Documents, and a Final Exam.

Click POFT 2333 Advanced Keyboarding.pdf link to view the file.