POFT 2203 N1 Speed and Accuracy Building

Student Learning Outcomes for the Course


  1. Demonstrate keyboarding skill and apply the basic word processing functions.
  2. Produce block style letters, modified block style letters, interoffice memos, and e- mail. Supplementary letter parts are included.
  3. Prepare formal reports that include footnotes, endnotes, reference page, title page, and table of contents. Use styles to format report headings and section breaks in order to be able to number preliminary pages and the pages of the report in the same document.
  4. Review basic table features and work with simple formulas.
  5. Key online forms for registration, reservations, and other uses as well.
  6. Key straight copy at a minimum of 31 gross words a minute (gwam) with a maximum of 5 errors.


These objectives will be measured by completion of Daily Assignments,  Supervised Timings, Practice Quizzes and Module Tests,  and Project 2 Documents.

Click POFT 2203 Speed and Accuracy Building.pdf link to view the file.