POFT 1329 N1 Beginning Keyboarding

Student Learning Outcomes for the Course

Upon completion of this course students should be able to:

Create and edit various types of business correspondence including interoffice memorandums, block letters, modified block letters, envelopes, send e-mail, unbound, leftbound reports, title pages, reference pages, bullets and page numbering, footnotes, format long quotations, create, edit, format basic tables and editing business documents enhance document format with graphics, text color, paragraph and page borders, shading and create multicolumn newsletters. The main focus is to master the above-mentioned skills as well as develop keyboarding skills to key straight copy at a minimum of 28 gross words a minute (gwam) with a maximum of 5 errors.

The Project brings together many of the document formatting and word processing skills that have been learned in the textbook lessons.

These objectives will be measured by completion of Daily Lessons, Module Practice Quizzes and Tests, Supervised Timings, Project 1 Grade, and Final Exam.

Click POFT 1329 Beginning Keyboarding.pdf link to view the file.