Dr. Smith, Candy Stevens

Professor of Government

Degrees and Certificates

Texarkana College (09/01/1972 to 05/15/1974)

Associate of Arts, 1974

General Studies

Texas A&M - College Station (09/01/1974 to 12/11/1976)

Bachelor of Arts, 1976


Texas A&M - College Station (09/01/1976 to 12/09/1977)

Master of Arts, 1977

Political Science

Texas A&M - College Station (06/01/1984 to 05/15/1987)

Doctor of Education, 1987

Educational Administration

Education Related Employment

Admin.Assist. to City Manager, Texarkana,TX1978/83 (01/01/1978 to 12/01/1983)

Assist. to Congressman Kent Hance, 1981-82 (01/01/1981 to 01/01/1982)

Awards and Publications

Distinguished Lecture Series, Texarkana College, first presenter (with Dr. Beverly Rowe), November, 2015, "That Darn State Line" about the history and government of Texarkana

First recipient of Texarkana College Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence (with Dr. Royce Granberry), 2000

Article published in Human Resource Planning, Vol. 13, No. 1, 1990, "Human Resources Strategy and Planning in Higher Education."

Across the Curriculum Special Project Awards and Presentations- World War II Extravaganza, 1998; Bonfire of the Liberties - Censorship, 1995

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