POFT 1127 Introduction to Keyboarding

Student Learning Outcomes for the Course


  1. key the alphabetic keys by touch,
  2. be familiar with Keyboarding Pro Online Software and create a student record,
  3. locate student records,
  4. understand navigating within Keyboarding Online and use the software with ease,
  5. use the mouse appropriately,
  6. understand the keyboard arrangement,
  7. key the numeric key on the top row by touch,
  8. use all symbols correctly,
  9. build speed on straight-copy text,
  10. revise text with proofreader's marks,
  11. apply correctly rules governing number expression,
  12. compose simple documents,
  13. key straight copy at a minimum of 19 gross words a minute (gwam) with a maximum of 5 errors.


These objectives will be measured by completion of Daily Lessons, Projects, Module Tests, and Supervised Timings.

Click POFT 1127 Introduction to Keyboarding.pdf link to view the file.