HPRS 2221 Medical Law and Ethics for Health Professionals

Student Learning Outcomes for the Course

Upon successful completion of the required assignments, students should have achieved the following objectives:

1.  Explain ethical obligations of healthcare professionals.

2.  Identify and discuss ethical issues in healthcare.

3.  Apply local, state, ad federal standards and regulations for the control and use of health information.

4.  Demonstrate knowledge of appropriate health information disclosure practices.

5.  Understand the process and key features of HIPAA regulation and its impact on the healthcare professional.

6.  Distinguish among law, ethics, bioethics, etiquette and protocol.

7.  Define professional liability and medical malpractice and identify measures to prevent litigation.

8.  Identify measures to promote confidentiality as major changes in technology occur.

9.  Describe how laws affect the workplace as related to employment, safety of staff and patients, universal precautions, and workers’ compensation laws.

10. Name and describe several bioethical issues which are currently arising and explain why they need to be addressed in a code of ethics.