Forum Posts: 

I have divided the course into 5 units. You will have one Forum Post for each unit.  The post is basically a discussion question covering a relevant   topic within the unit. You must post your response (a minimum of 100 words) and respond to two other students’ posts for each unit.

Class Project: 

Your class project will involve researching a particular topic and creating  a report and presentation using PowerPoint.

Weekly Quizzes:

You will have weekly quizzes that cover chapters assigned for that particular week. Each quiz consists of 20 multiple choice questions. Weekly quizzes have a time limit of 20 minutes. These will be taken on your home computer. You should not use your book or notes to answer these questions. You are on the honor system in regards to this matter.

Unit Tests: 

You will have a total of 5 Unit Tests. These tests will consist of 40-50 multiple choice questions over the chapter(s) covered in the unit. You will take your unit tests on your home computer without the help of your text or notes (again, the honor system).

Final Exam: 

Your final exam will be comprehensive. It will cover the learning objectives listed for the class. This will be a 100 question multiple choice test. You must take the final exam in the Texarkana College Testing Center.