Online Issues: This is not a self-paced class. An online course covers the same material as traditional “live” sections. You have some flexibility in determining WHEN you work on the class material, but there are regular and specific deadlines for assignments and “windows” for discussions. Be sure to keep up with the timing. In this online course you may not have to be physically present at a particular place and time as in a traditional class, but it does not demand less time or effort. In fact, online classes tend to take MORE time and discipline than fact-to-face classes. I expect you to check your TC email once every 48 hours at a minimum, including weekends. This means that you will need to make sure that you have some way to be able to use the internet regularly. Have a backup plan in case your home computer/internet connection goes down. Texarkana College is not responsible for issues related to your computer or internet service. Problems with your computer or internet service is not an excuse for completing your assignments by their deadline.

Grading Scale:

            A = 90-100
            B = 80-89
            C = 70-79
            D = 60-69
            F = Below 60


Student Assessment

            Your final grade for this course will be determined by  
            the following method:

            (1) The average of your forum posts will be worth 20%
            (2) Your class project will be worth 10%
            (3) The average of your quiz grades will be worth 20%
            (4) The average of your Unit test grades will be worth 20%
            (5) Your final exam will be worth 30%