Sample Syllabus

Sample Syllabus

Absentee Policy

Because you do not come on campus and sit in a classroom, attendance is determined by your active participation and communication in the course. Make sure that you log in frequently, participate in your course activities and discussions, and check your TC email regularly. Students who succeed in online classes keep a schedule just as they would if they were attending class on campus, and they communicate with one another and their instructor frequently. Attendance is vital to your success. Check TC email and Moodle at least three times per week.

Absence in an online course is defined as the lack of an active post or submission within the course including discussion board posts, written assignments, and tests. This standard will be used to determine all absentee issues, including but not limited to, 12th Day Census Reports, last date of attendance, and involuntary withdrawal from a course due to absences. All online students must complete an Enrollment Verification activity within the first week of class (activity depends upon the professor); otherwise the professor may drop the student for not having attended.

If you have any specific attendance requirements for your course, this would be a good place to insert them.

A student should not stop attending a class without formally withdrawing from the course by the institutions published Last Day for Students to Drop. If a student stops attending class after the published Last Day for Students to Drop, the student may receive a grade of “F” in the class. The instructor will submit the last date of attendance for students receiving a grade of “F” or “W”.

Withdrawal from a course(s) may affect a student’s current or future financial aid eligibility. Students should consult the Financial Aid Office to learn both short and long term consequences of a withdrawal.